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ARIMO spol. s.r.o. - Traditional blueprint and clothing

Výrobní závod ARIMO spol. s.r.o.Dear ladies, dear gentlemen,

Firm Arimo itself alow you to put in a tender of production schedule of blueprint and exhibits production of ladies‘ blouse. The blueprint is traditional people’s farbic, which was served as female clothing, later like female costume dress. Workmanlike blueprint production is exacting. The fabric (100%BA) must firstly starch, dry and mangle. Reserve is laid on this way prepared fabric.

Form is necessity to attack to the fabric very choicely, partly that is why to make a good copy, partly from views sorting side by side, since margin of motives mustn’t kverlal nor create spaces. The matrixes have small nails in the corners for easier printing, which are always attached on transfer from previous latiny matrixes. The blueprint matrixes are wooden portfolio, dimension about 25 / 30 cm. They consist of two fundamental parts: a part with design, which is the most often cutwork into pear wood and a sekond one with grip from some soft wood, which is glued on the part with design. Original matrixes motives were carved only into wood. Along 19. century, design started to enrich about softer motives so that carving was refilling with different rivets, lames and small ¨nails made of brass. Some of the new matrixes have motives produced only from brass lames without woodcutter elements.

Modrotisk - formy - tisk na plátnoModrotisk - namáčení formyTraditional technologie of blueprinting

wooden matrixes
matrix soaking
printing by matrix

When the backlog (pope) gets dry, fabric stain under chilly in watering place, which base is indigo.

Potištěné plátno - sušeníPříprava k barveníBarvení

The fabric, up extraction from colour, come into contact which afloat, indigo oxidize and stain linen on blue. Soaking is repeated several times by request of colour intensity.

PraníSušeníMandlování (žehlení)Hotové výrobky

The last production phase is thorough wash, fixing in a weak solution of sulphuric acid, rinsing, cure and mangling.

At present the blue-print is uset to modern clothing, interior decoration, we produce tablecloths, settings, pilows, pincushions, etc.

In the Czech country now works and produces blue-print only firm Arimo spol. s r. o. výroba konfekce a modrotisku ve Strážnici and a jogging shop of Danzinger family in Olešnice. Firm Arimo follows up with almost tradition of dyeing family, turned in 1906 by Cyril Joch. His son František Joch kept on dyeing trade until 1951 when communistic government prohibited to operate in private trades. After the creation of ULUV in 1954 attempts were made to salvage art handicraft trades, at this time Frandišek Joch commissioned a blueprint shop. After his death in 1974 the workshop was taken over by his son František jr. who worked with his father since 1858 and learned all the aspects of dyeing techniques. In 1878 ULUV began construction of a two-stored manufacturing building in dimension of 36/16 m, which was opened for business in 1982 and where the blueprint is still made.

In 1992 František Joch with his brother Sava offered privatising project to buy the manufacturing building. In 1993 the building was bought and the production of the blueprint returned to the Joch family. During the 2004 initiation of the European Inheritance day in the city of Tabor, Frantisek Joch was given a title of Bearer of Traditional Fold Workmanship in the field of blue-print tradition. This title is given to those workers who preserve jeopardized workmanship technologies.

František Joch - nositel tradice František s bratrem Sávou a starostou města Tábor, při udělení titulu


Clothing production

The production od the blueprint is concentrated downstair the building and production of ladies‘ blousem men’s shirts, men’s underpants (shorts), pyjamas and bedclothes was introduced on 720 square meters in floor.

The workship is equipped with the most modern sewing mashines from firm Juki. There are 50 staffs and they are able to produce product from silk as far as up flanel or light cord by modern technology. The quality of product is on high level. They are exported into Austria, Germany, Spain and Italy. That is all in labour hired. .

Šicí dílnaPrůmyslové šicí stroje JUKI

The Arimo firm has free about 30% industrial production capacity at present which offers to utilize for person interested in labour hired.
KošileGentlemen's shirts

Dámské halenkyBlouse

Pánské trenýrkyPants


for mens and ladies.

Dámské sukněSkirts for ladies

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